About us


Our friendly, dynamic duo offer a diverse range of skills ranging from engineering, administration and creative design, to full project and onsite management. You will find us always prompt, flexible, reliable and professional.

Bruce Bryant, Project manager

About Bruce

With over 15 years experience in the upholstery industry, Bruce is renowned for his ability to overcome challenges and complex jobs to deliver a result that leaves each client satisfied. He loves nothing better than to solve a client’s biggest problem!

As a former aircraft engineer who has worked on light aircraft to Boeing 737 – 400s, Bruce is well-versed at understanding complicated tasks and managing responsibility. He has a sound understanding for technical information and has excellent communication skills. Bruce considers himself as a task orientated individual who works extremely well under pressure and loves a good deadline.

Bruce is competent at working with all types of fabrics and materials, particularly high-grade Italian leather, and is also excellent at restoration, colour-matching and finishing. His engineering background enables him to understand the structural limitations of furniture, beneficial when public safety is a concern.

Highly regarded for his listening and planning skills, Bruce gets a job done with minimum fuss, pride and genuine craftsmanship.

Colleen Bryant, Relationship manager

About Colleen

Colleen’s forte is organisation and communication. She takes a visionary and attentive approach with each client and every job.

Colleen is a highly experienced, confident and likeable individual with exceptional communication skills. The former dairy farmer and CEO posseses a diverse professional background that includes motivational speaker, mentor, coach and author.

“Colleen is the one who has vision. Always asking ‘What if this were possible.’ Her passion for business and growth is what led myself and Nick into Upholstery Fit Outs,” says Bruce.

While Bruce manages the operational side of the business, Colleen is responsible for managing client relations that extends to liaising with suppliers, manufacturers and shipping merchants.

Her meticulous record-keeping and time management skills ensures projects run smoothly and efficiently, to the satisfaction of her clients.

She enjoys developing a healthy and genuine rapport with those she works with, a trait many clients highly value and appreciate.

Former staff - Thank you!

Nick Bryant and Blanche Reweti

Nick Bryant and Blanche Reweti have since left the company. Nick now owns and operates his own highly successful business, Provista Ballisstrades. Blanche Reweti continues her business administration career working for her own family trust.

Colleen and Bruce both acknowledge that without Nick and Blanche extremely skilled individuals to assist them in beginning Upholstery Fit Outs they would not as easily have got this business off the ground, if at all! Nick’s ability to visualise what was needed, drawing up/reading of detailed plans, understanding the precision required to manufacture and install was outstanding. Blanche is incredibly good at organising herself and others with timing paramount she oversaw the jobs from start to finish.

We of course developed the systems that have seen us grow from strength to strength and without the need to hire employees Bruce and I are also grateful for their youthful enthusiasm and imagination – believing in possibility!

“We pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship and quality service to our clients and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help your business look its best.”

Bruce Bryant, Project manager