About service presentations

Building ongoing relationships as a preferred supplier of companies especially franchisors.

This is a presentation of service by UFO; where you and the people who deal with upholstery refits, repairs and on-going maintenance get together and we work out a good scenario where;

  1. Your upholstery will be correctly fitted to your architect’s specifications
  2. Material & product details are kept on file. Colours are recorded of materials originally used.
  3. Your company will use the correct care and maintenance
  4. Repairs and/or replacements will be done to the original specifications.
  5. Quality Control & Procedures are recorded.

See aircraft ones in drop box – Airwork/Air New Zealand….see photos also.
Things UFO might ask are: 

1.  What system do you need us to operate within?

  • How will we receive the repairs and maintenance request?
  • Email, text, phone or website?
  • Who has authorisation to request a quote, approve a quote?
  • What information do you need, and what information is required by UFO so that any repairs and maintenance can be attended to with speed.
  • Do you need UFO’s contractors to sign off after jobs are completed?
  • If you require a fit-out, what lead time can you provide between acceptance of quote and required supply?

2.  Materials: Would you like to use a uniform set of materials and fabrics across your company?

  • What MDF do you use?
  • What vinyl/leather/fabric do you prefer to use?  We can advise on suitability.
  • Specific Design
  • Fabric Composition
  • PVC, Vinyl, Full Grain Leather, Wool/Nylon/Polypropylene/Polyester/Cotton
  • Weight
  • Width
  • Pattern Repeat
  • Roll availability
  • Abrasion – what is the toughest and longest lasting, how many rubs will it take before it shows wear and tear?
  • Fire Rated – do you need this?
  • Does it need to be: Sulphide Resistant, Stain Resistant, Moth Proof, Oil and Mildew Resistant, Anti-bacterial, Anti- microbial, Non allergenic, Moisture Resistant
  • Does the material need to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 environmental standards?
  • Are you interested in using more innovative materials?
  • Do you prefer New Zealand made, designed and manufactured?
  • Colours: do you have a specific colour scheme you wish to keep throughout your stores, restaurants.
  • What foam do you require: industry standard, specified?
  • Is this fabric heavy duty commercial or recommended for residential use only?
  • MDF board – what kind and thickness was originally used?  Do you want this continued to keep the maintenance and care of the original fit out lasting a lot longer?

3.  Care and Maintenance

  • Fabric Care: Do your staff need information about how and what to use when dirt and grease build up?
  • Does your staff know how to avoid a build-up on vinyl, leather and plastic seating?  What would help to prevent this from happening?
  • Regular Care and Maintenance
  • Maintenance plans are formed, sent and kept for future reference.
  • Free training for staff is offered on care and maintenance.

4.  On-Going Contact

  • Do you require us to contact you regularly to establish requirements or do you prefer to contact UFO on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  • Preventative maintenance: will you require inspections across your company with minor, on-site repairs carried out?



Second Step: Confirmation of Service

Following our presentation, we will supply you with a procedure confirming your requirements, preferences, contract information and processes.